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Netherland is a country located in Western Europe, bordering the North Sea to the north and Belgium to the south. It has a population of about 17 million people, and offers a variety of medical education options for international students. The Netherlands has a long tradition of medical education, and its medical schools are among the best in the world.

The Dutch medical education system is highly competitive, and students must complete both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in order to become a doctor. The undergraduate degree requirements are quite demanding, and students must complete a variety of courses, including basic sciences, medical sciences, and clinical training. The graduate degree requirements are even more demanding, and students must complete a comprehensive research program as well as a number of clinical training modules.

The Dutch medical education system is highly respected, and students who study mbbs in the Netherlands are well- prepared to enter the medical profession. Dutch medical graduates can find employment in a variety of countries around the world, and the Dutch system is widely considered to be one of the best medical education options in the world.

What is the Dutch medical education system like?

The Dutch medical education system is one of the best in the world. It provides the medical students with hands-on experience and excellent training. The medical education system in the Netherlands is divided into three stages. The first stage is pre-medical education and it lasts for three years. The second stage is medical education and it lasts for five years. The third stage is post-graduate education and it lasts for six years. The Dutch medical education system is very competitive. To study MBBS in the Netherlands students are required to pass a very strict entrance examination. 

Top clinical Colleges to Study MBBS in the Netherlands

  1. College of Amsterdam – Faculty of Medicine

The University of Amsterdam is a Dutch University which is a state funded college as it is publicly financed. This college has been arranged in Athenaeum Illustre beginning around 1632 and it is an exceptionally famous University. This college is thought of as perhaps the best clinical school in the Netherlands for offering practitioner training. This college is additionally exceptionally particular, as each year they just acknowledge 350 candidates among a huge number of candidates at the Academic Medical Center every year. In this college they offer Both certifications Bachelor and Master in Dutch language. 

  1. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Dutch)

It is the following clinical school in the Netherlands in our rundown of best clinical universities to concentrate on in the Netherlands. It is a confidential college as it is financed by the public authority of Dutch. This college is Based in the capital. The another justification behind its best is that it is much of the time remembered for the main 150 rundown of numerous other positioning Universities. 

  1. College of Groningen

This European University was Founded in 1614. This college is located in the northern piece of the Netherlands. The University of Groningen has been put in the rundown of top 100 establishments on the planet. It is renowned among clinical understudies for being the second-most established instructive focus in the country.

It isn’t similar to other clinical schools in the Netherlands, it is exceptionally cutting-edge and unique. They offer their courses in both English and Dutch language to their understudies. 

  1. Leiden University

It is arranged in South Holland and it is an openly subsidized organization, which was established in 1575. This college has additionally been recorded among top 100 colleges. Leiden is the most established college in the Netherlands. The review program of physician certification is perceived as truly outstanding in the country among clinical understudies. Consistently they just acknowledge 332 candidates because of which the opposition is extremely high. They offer their certification programs in Dutch language.

The Bachelor of Medicine degree is instructed at the Leiden University Medical Centre to interface training with clinical practice and examination. In Leiden University understudies get to go on with a graduate degree soon after finishing the 3-year or four year certification. 

  1. Maastricht University

Maastricht University is one of the most youthful clinical schools of the Netherlands as it was Founded in 1976. Consistently in excess of 18,000 global understudies come from the various nations of the world, because of which it is considered as paradise for those worldwide understudies who come consistently in this college to concentrate on MBBS in the Netherlands. Inside the college they offer many courses, for example, single men’s and experts in Medicine. The four year certification presented by this college empowers understudies to connect with patients ahead of schedule with the clinical review. They additionally foster pragmatic abilities which are vital to have for any specialist with the assistance of cutting edge abilities and research facilities.

What are the requirements to study mbbs in Dutch Universities?

In order to be admitted to a medical school in the Netherlands, you will need to meet several requirements, the most important of which is completing an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject.

You will also need to pass the medical entrance examination, which is a requirement for all medical students to study MBBS in the Netherlands. This exam is administered by the Medical Council of the Netherlands and comprises a number of components, including a medical history and physical examination.

For Graduates:

Medical schools in the Netherlands require a minimum of four years of undergraduate study before a student can be accepted to study medicine in the Netherlands. Students must complete a bachelor’s degree in any subject, and must then complete a two-year pre-med program, which involves studying biology, chemistry, and mathematics. After completing a two-year pre-med program, students must complete a four-year medical degree program, which includes a three-year medical school curriculum and a one-year residency program. Graduates of medical schools in the Netherlands are eligible to practice medicine in the Netherlands and in many other countries around the world.


Career opportunities in the Netherlands for MBBS graduates are excellent. The Netherlands has a highly regulated healthcare system with tight rules on who can practice medicine after studying MBBS in the Netherlands. If you want to study medicine in the Netherlands, you should start your studies as early as possible. MBBS graduates in the Netherlands have a good job outlook. Therefore, MBBS study in the Netherlands will be worth your efforts.

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